Zoom: Unlimited video calls for Christmas

Zoom: Unlimited video calls for Christmas
Zoom has decided to meet the needs of those who, due to force majeure, will find themselves obliged to spend Christmas and the holidays away from their loved ones: no limits to the duration of video calls in three periods from now to the new year. This is what the team working on the platform announces today, among those that have registered the highest growth rate in this troubled 2020.

Unlimited video calls on Zoom for the holidays

From 17 to 19 December, from 23 to 26 December and from 30 December to 2 January it will be possible to connect with friends and relatives on Zoom to exchange greetings without having to keep an eye on the clock. Thus temporarily the 40-minute limit usually imposed on those with a free account is removed.

We will be lifting the 40-minute limit for holiday celebrations. ✨ Check out all the details: https://t.co/V0eTl8aIGB #ZoomTogether pic.twitter.com/0MlZt7BRdW

- Zoom (@zoom_us) December 17, 2020

The company recently strengthened its partnership with AWS (Amazon) regarding cloud infrastructure and the development of new solutions for remote communication, in particular for smart working.

For reasons which is not difficult to imagine, Zoom was one of the companies that suffered a decline in the stock market at the news of the arrival of the first vaccines for COVID-19. The reason is obvious: once the pandemic is left behind, there will be less need for services to collaborate remotely.

Source: Zoom