Xiaomi: folding smartphone and tablet, here we are!

Xiaomi: folding smartphone and tablet, here we are!
Xiaomi has several projects in the pipeline that embrace the concept of a folding device. Until now it was assumed that the first device with a flexible panel would arrive by 2020.

We are running out of this year. Evidently, the company believes it is not the time to market it but it could be in 2021.

There has been no lack of information over time. The prototype of the smartphone of the Chinese brand has also been observed in operation in the hands of the CEO but, for some reason, the project has not gone ahead. Or maybe Xiaomi just decided to "park it" to improve it and launch it at the right time?

If this were actually the case, the right time could coincide with the first quarter of 2021. The company could use a hinge to close internal, similar to Galaxy Z Fold. Furthermore, the camera would not be drowned in the display but retractable and motorized.

Speaking of panel. Xiaomi has ordered in large quantities, it will be very large (about 8 inches) and equipped with a refresh rate of at least 120 Hz, with Plastic Oled UTG technology and supplied by Samsung.

The rumors also report the software, or Android 11 customized by MIUI 11 and in the back a camera formed by 4 sensors with the main one from 108 MP.

The era of folding also comes to Xiaomi, the next step will be a tablet. We know the brand well and we are sure it will be talked about for sure.

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