W10 Insider Preview Build 20279: Nothing new

W10 Insider Preview Build 20279: Nothing new
With a post shared on the pages of the official blog today Microsoft announces the distribution of the Preview Build 20279 of Windows 10 intended for Insiders present in the Dev Channel. It is basically the same Build 20277 already available from December 10.

Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 20279

So why did the software house decide for this new release? Mainly with the aim of testing their systems and their ability to cope with two close publications. The author himself explains it.

This build is largely the same as Build 20277, but we wanted to test our ability to quickly execute release after release.

There unpublished features or bugfixes are to be reported: the intervention refers exclusively to known or reported problems that affect long waits during the update process, the animated previews of the sites that are sometimes not shown correctly, the appearance of the error 0x80070426 during authentication to apps and services with the Microsoft account and the failure to display some drives in the disk management utility.

For a few days, the Redmond group has been offering Windows 10 Insiders present in the Dev Channel the possibility of choose whether to receive the builds of the RS_PRERELEASE branch or continue with those of the FE_RELEASE.

Once an Insider chooses to install a build, RS_PRERELEASE can no longer go back and receive bu ild FE_RELEASE as its devices will be at newer builds. Insiders will still have the option to go back to previous versions for up to ten days or until a later build is installed.

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