The best launch titles ever: Tetris on Game Boy

The best launch titles ever: Tetris on Game Boy
One of the most bizarre things about Tetris is that even if you choose to ignore the new gameplay elements that have been added over the years, each version of the game looks different than the others. It's hard to pinpoint exactly why, but it's as if each iteration of the brand is unique, in a way. The Game Boy Tetris was certainly the most distinctive because of its bright green color and that digital raspberry that is generated with each defeat. It was a tough Tetris and often, rightly so, also cruel. After all, this version, bundled with Nintendo's portable masterpiece, has probably introduced more people to Alexei Pajitnov's beautiful game than any other.

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It's the individual pieces that make it so delicious. Of all the Tetris that have come out over the years, this one seems to know best when trying to save space in view of the long brick. It allows you to plan and maintain your wall, while protecting that special void: build and build, do everything right and wait to receive the long brick? No. The game will wait until you put one of the Ls in the wrong place, blocking everything, and then give you two longs when you don't need them anymore.

We can argue endlessly about whether Tetris is (or not) the perfect video game but, for sure, it's the perfect launch title. It is a game that places new hardware at the center of the player's universe and does it in a subtle and satisfying way: hold the Game Boy in your hands and forget everything else while being captivated by the epochal fascination of Tetris.