Tesla's future cars could integrate solar panels

Tesla's future cars could integrate solar panels
Renewable energy is certainly a very topical and vital issue if we want to keep our planet in ideal conditions for future generations too; the American brand of excellence in the electric mobility sector is Tesla and has announced that in 2021 it will also focus its attention on the renewable energy sector, enhancing its Solar Roof product which consists of tiles with built-in photovoltaic cells. The study was born in 2017 and only recently took shape, assuming 2021 as the key year to reach volumes on a large scale and to meet the ever-increasing energy needs of our planet.

Solar Roof: 2021 is the right year for Musk

The idea behind Solar Roof was to integrate the knowledge in the green sector, acquired through the development of Tesla vehicle batteries, within the production sector of photovoltaic energy, creating a perfect solution for the current market and useful for the planet. The technical obstacles behind the project are many, in fact integrating the panels in an almost invisible way inside the tiles was complex and required many prototypes and numerous attempts; Furthermore, the moment could only be the best as the direction chosen by most political leaders is the green one and with the election of Biden more and more laws will be approved in favor of greener choices.

Tesla will hire new staff

New jobs will be added to meet Solar Roof demands, hiring 200 new installers for the US alone; Tesla has confirmed that it is ready to export the product to Canada as well.

In addition, Elon Musk explains, the goal is to further reduce the cost of the product to facilitate its adoption and this can only happen if it is successful in the initial phase. Solar Roof can then be connected with other Tesla products such as Power Packs or wallboxes used to charge the very famous cars of the Palo Alto brand.

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