TeamViewer Pilot for Salesforce and ServiceNow

TeamViewer Pilot for Salesforce and ServiceNow
Double announcement at TeamViewer: the Pilot solution (recently updated to version 3.0) for remote support in AR mode is integrated into Salesforce and ServiceNow products.

TeamViewer Pilot AR for Salesforce and ServiceNow

In both cases the goal is to allow technicians and frontline operators to leverage the potential of augmented reality to help anyone, regardless of where they are. Advanced features are implemented such as object tracking to anchor 3D indicators to real world elements and the ability to add visual and textual instructions within the video stream showing colleagues and clients the process to follow.

TeamViewer Pilot is available on Salesforce through the AppExchange with improvements to the existing application that allow, for example, remote connection to provide support for any type of hardware configuration problem or in the case of physical interventions. Then there is the SMS sharing to retrieve the user's phone number and language within the Salesforce environment by sending a message and a performance increase as well as the introduction of a new design that uses LWC technology (Salesforce LightWeight Components ). A Salesforce license and a compatible TeamViewer Tensor license are required for integration.

Regarding the TeamViewer Enterprise Integration App for ServiceNow, already available in the ServiceNow Store, it is worth noting the possibility for service personnel, experts and operators to initiate AR connections with internal users or external customers directly from ServiceNow Incidents, the same SMS sharing described above and new administration features with the addition of new permissions to control who has access to the integration and unattended devices as well as customizable widgets. Again, companies need a ServiceNow license and a compatible TeamViewer Tensor license.

Source: TeamViewer