SOLO ID1 mini, a mini computer for everyone

SOLO ID1 mini, a mini computer for everyone
We receive in the editorial office and gladly report a 100% Made in Italy project fielded by a university student with a passion for information technology: ONLY ID.1 mini. As you can already guess from the name it is a mini computer designed to be accessible to everyone, ready to use, thus responding to the need that for many has suddenly manifested itself this year with the obligation to quickly adopt solutions. intended for smart working and distance learning. This is the intuition of Fabio Distefano, author of the project.

Why not create a suitable device, small and powerful enough to be able to ensure that these students also have the opportunity to follow the lessons? However, it must be cheap, to really allow everyone to afford it.

The SOLO ID.1 mini mini computer

Hardware side is based on the Raspberry Pi 4 B board, while the operating system supplied is Raspberry Pi OS. Schools are offered the opportunity to purchase a customized edition with modified permissions and pre-set blocks for all those sites that for obvious reasons should be inaccessible to pupils.

... I wanted to make a mini computer accessible to all, cheap and easy to use, already complete with everything, pre-configured and customized as much as possible, in order to provide a plug and play product, ready to use.

A YouTube channel with tutorials that explain in detail the individual features of the device. Each piece is assembled by hand, so as not to leave any detail to chance.

All the SOLO ID.1 mini pieces are assembled and built by hand, from the first screw to the last bolt. This choice, deriving from the Italian artisan tradition, ensures uniqueness to each device and unparalleled quality.

The buyer has the opportunity to choose between a pre-configured ID.1 mini or configure one from scratch according to their needs. In the first case, prices range from 169 to 229 euros (discounts are available at the moment), otherwise a full option in the version / the social dilemma_ (inspired by the Netflix documentary) recommended for productivity reaches 298 euros.

Source: ID ONLY