PS5: The UK is keen to stop the touts

PS5: The UK is keen to stop the touts
PS5 came out almost a month ago, but many users are still waiting to get their hands on their console: from limited stocks to controversial touts, Sony's next-gen is nowhere to be found almost all over the globe. In England, the group of touts known as CrepChiefNotify, bought 3,500 consoles and continues undisturbed in its controversial buy / sell maneuver… at least until today.

Six members of the Scottish National Party of Parliament have moved some on Monday. legislative proposals “… banning the resale of game consoles and computer hardware at a cost significantly higher than the manufacturer's recommended retail price“. The proposal has so far been signed by 15 parliamentarians and is still far from being approved, until it is discussed in the appropriate forums. However, the one presented by the independence party remains an excellent proposal.

The biggest doubt concerns the contrast of the bots used by touts to jump the queues of online retailers. It is very difficult to counter the technologies of the CrepChiefNotify collective and the others. Nonetheless, could not we put a purchase limit of one unit per user to counter this real black market for consoles?

Series X and PS5 are finally in the homes of many users, ready to offer everything the power and new experiences of this ninth videogame generation. Both consoles offer their own vision, with Xbox focusing on its services such as Game Pass (find the constantly updated list here) and PlayStation still focusing on its great exclusives (we advise you to view the guide to the best games to play at launch. on PS5).

The battle against the touts, therefore, is still hot with the policy that has taken the field to avoid feeding a market that is not very honest towards gamers. What do you think of the legislative proposal of the Scottish National Party of Parliament? Argue in the comments!

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