PS5: Spends a lot of money on a brick, literally

PS5: Spends a lot of money on a brick, literally
The days leading up to the release of PS5, but especially the following ones, have been a real rush to the console for all those who have not managed to book one during the past months. After PlayStation 5 sold out within a few minutes, Sony repeatedly reiterated that new stocks would arrive both before and after Christmas. For the moment there is great anticipation, but many have purchased the console through the various online retailers.

Among the most popular platforms in these is eBay, the place where an American man 38-year-old managed to win an auction by taking home a PS5 at a price of 900 Dollars. All good so far, unfortunately, once the console arrived home, the man found a nasty surprise in the box. No console, just a large piece of concrete peeked out once the man opened the package.

The Orem city police said they expect the man to get the money spent via eBay's Buyer Protection System. At the moment, however, the PS5 online resale situation still remains worrying. There are still many Sony next gen consoles that are sold at prices that are nothing short of crazy, and in many cases there is the risk of running into nasty surprises as happened to this American player.

Our advice then , is to wait patiently for Sony to announce the marketing of the new PS5 stocks which, as mentioned several times, should take place both before and after Christmas. What do you think of this bad experience this 38-year-old player had? Have you managed to bring home a PlayStation 5 during this period? Please let us know by leaving a comment.

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