PS5: Japanese launch subdued, Bloomberg uncertain about success

PS5: Japanese launch subdued, Bloomberg uncertain about success
PS5 literally sold like hot cakes in both America and Europe, becoming the object of desire this Christmas 2020. But in Japan, the home of Sony, the situation is quite different. It would appear that console sales aren't pushing as expected, posting uninspiring numbers according to early estimates. But what is, or rather, what are the causes of this subdued launch? Let's examine them together!

There are three reasons: slow production due to the pandemic linked to the coronavirus, the controversial market for touts with consoles sold at higher prices than the indicated price and a probable problem concerning the production of AMD chip (thesis carried out by Bloomberg, but denied by Sony ... albeit with some doubts). These three problems, merged with each other, lead to a bankruptcy lawsuit, or to a few consoles available representing a tempting opportunity for touts. The effect? Subdued sales.

Published: Sony's PS5 faces multiple problems at launch - scalpers, low chip yield, additional component shortages - which may hurt PS5's long-term business.

- Takashi Mochizuki (@ 6d6f636869) December 16, 2020

PlayStation 5 could miss a crucial opportunity to enter a good upward spiral of hardware-software sales "- says Kazunori Ito of Morningstar Research -" The peak of the platform could be low and the total revenue related to the sale of the console will not be as strong as we hoped ", concluded Ito.

According to Bloomberg's analysis, it is possible to see the difficulties of selling the Sony next-gen console from its tie-in ratio (number of games sold per single console). It would seem that 1 game for every 3 consoles is sold, a worrying result as a positive average should be one game for every single unit. The data, however, correspond only to physical copies; so they do not take digital sales into account.

The Japanese market, however, is one of the most tied to physical media, indicating that many consoles are in the hands of touts. It is hoped that Japanese retailers will adopt a conflicting policy similar to that of the US giant Walmart which, on November 25, blocked more than 20 million bot purchase attempts in the first 30 minutes of the PS5 event alone. >
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