Privacy Guarantor: here's how to report Data Breaches

Privacy Guarantor: here's how to report Data Breaches
The rules in force regarding the protection of personal data provide that, in the event of a cyber attack capable of stealing sensitive information, the person concerned has the duty to promptly report what happened to the Privacy Guarantor, so that we can immediately operate with checks. of the case and with the limitation of the potential damage for the interested parties. This logic is very important since it defines the responsible approach of companies towards the protection of their archives, but at the same time the procedures are often not as simple and quick as it would be for cases of urgency. Hence a new system put in place by the Guarantor for reporting Data Breaches (computer violations of personal data).

Data breach: reporting starts here

The Guarantor explains with your announcement:

From here, users will be able to access the notification model to the Guarantor and the self-assessment procedure which helps the owner in fulfilling the obligations regarding Notification of a violation of personal data to the supervisory and communication authority of a violation of personal data to the interested party.

A specific page contains all the information necessary to understand the situation and how much it is necessary to operate in the event of an ascertained violation. The reporting of violations, in particular, can take place from here.

Maximum linearity and simplicity, in short, to guide those responsible for reporting: in short, no further alibi, but only the duty to communicate to the Guarantor in maximum transparency what happened, for what reason and on the basis of which protections put in place to defend its database.

Source: Privacy Guarantor