Porsche 992 GT3 Cup 2021 is now close to its official debut

Porsche 992 GT3 Cup 2021 is now close to its official debut
Porsche is synonymous with sportiness and elegance, celebrated to perfection by the eternal Carrera 911. The latest iteration of the German brand is the 992 which saw the first models born in 2018 and, two years later, is about to close the rim with the most extreme versions such as GT3 and GT3RS.

Together with the road GT3, the 911 GT3 Cup will also be presented, the purely track version and not homologated for public circulation of the German sports car; the rear is dominated by a huge aileron which will help this Teutonic missile achieve incredible lap times; the main aerodynamic appendage is then flanked by a duck tail spoiler and an imposing diffuser that will help with the management of air flows making this incredible car even more glued to the asphalt.

The design has changed, the DNA is the same

From an engine point of view, it should have the same engine as the current version with the classic 6-cylinder 3,800 cc with 460 hp, rigorously aspirated and extremely melodic; the DNA of the GT3 Cup is that of a naked race car, the interior is spartan to further save weight compared to the already light GT3 road version.

It was recently shown in a video with the famous journalist Chris Harris and Andreas Preuninger, head of the GT division of the Porsche group, a small taste of the new 992 GT3, finished in a new electric blue; as far as we could see, the Stuttgart design department seems to have inherited some details from the 991.2 GT3RS and adapted them to the new GT3, for example by inserting the air intakes on the front hood.

Porsche doesn't mess with aerodynamics

The controversial rear wing, which in the prototypes of the normal GT3 had been criticized for its unusual position more forward than we are used to, is instead harmonious and eye-catching in the first images shown, also significantly increasing the aerodynamic load without increasing the drag coefficient. We can't wait to get the camouflage-free images of the Cup version, meanwhile we can only dream of its aggressive lines and put our trust in the magicians of Stuttgart.