Pokémon GO: The New Years Event is just around the corner

Pokémon GO: The New Years Event is just around the corner
As is well known, the big holiday event is currently taking place in the mobile game Pokémon GO, where you will meet some ice creatures and benefit from several bonuses. Even before this event has even ended, the next event is on the program - namely the big New Year's festival-

The starting signal for this will be given on December 31, 2020 at 10:00 p.m. German time - i.e. directly following the current Christmas event. Then you will meet different Pokémon in the wilderness, which are equipped with new costumes. For example, a Flegmon with 2020 glasses. In addition, the creatures are celebrating a comeback with the party hats and there are various specials and bonuses. For example, you'll get twice the amount of stardust when you hatch Pokémon. The event will run until January 4, 2021 at 10:00 p.m., so you have a total of four days to take part. Here is an overview of the most important key points:

Special features

Some Pokémon in party costumes are joining our New Year celebration! Flegmon with 2020 glasses appears in the wild, in field research projects, in raid battles and hatches from 2 km eggs. Flegmon with 2020 glasses can evolve into lahmus with 2021 glasses! Pichu with New Year's hat hatch from 2 km eggs. Pikachu wearing a New Year's hat appears in the wild and on field research projects. You can also develop Pichu with a New Year's hat into a Pikachu with a New Year's hat. Pikachu with a New Year's hat can be developed into Raichu with a New Year's hat. Isso hatches from 2 km eggs - with luck even a shimmering specimen! Rattikarl, Woingenau and Waumpel with party hats appear alongside Klikk and Psiau in level 1 raid battles. Eevee with a party hat appears in field research projects. Get dressed up for 2021! From Wednesday, December 30th at 10 p.m. CET (1 p.m. PST), the 2021 glasses and New Year's hat for your avatar will be available in the shop. There will be different boxes during the event, so check out the shop regularly! Bonuses

Double hatching candies Double hatching stardust Halves the hatching distance if eggs are placed in egg incubators during this period Source: Niantic

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