PlayStation Store: MXGP 2020 and Shady Part of Me

PlayStation Store: MXGP 2020 and Shady Part of Me
The new update of the PlayStation Store, one of the last of 2020, slows down the pace compared to the debut of productions of the caliber of Cyberpunk 2077 and Dragon Quest XI S, but there are still some interesting releases.

This week we witness the arrival of Milestone's new next-gen racer, MXGP 2020, of the highly inspired action adventure Shady Part of Me and of the horror game Madness - Dear Father, without forgetting the debut of Shakedown: Hawaii on PS5. br>

MXGP 2020

The Milestone racing series makes its debut on next-gen platforms with MXGP 2020 (PS5, 59.99 euros), and it is undoubtedly a test case important for the Italian development team. Made under official MXGP license, the game promises an experience never so frenetic and spectacular.

The 2020 season of the MXGP and MX2 championships is faithfully represented, with all the riders, bikes and real teams, who once again compete to express a champion. In addition to the classic modes, there are also variations on the theme, as demonstrated by the new and powerful editor, the Playground and the Waypoint Mode with its customized challenges.

Shady Part of Me

Shady Part of Me (PS4, € 14.99 with 10% discount for PlayStation Plus subscribers) is a fascinating noir adventure developed by the independent team Douze Dixiemes, and tells the story of a young girl on the run from a mysterious place, perhaps a madhouse, in the company of his own shadow, which in the game moves like a living creature.

The contrast between dark and light represents the leitmotif of the gameplay, in which we alternate with the commands of the two characters in order to overcome obstacles and solve increasingly complex environmental puzzles, while an external voice seems to guide us in this difficult journey. The end result is an interesting and original mix, which is certainly worth experimenting.

Follia - Dear Father

Made by the Italian studio Real Game Machine, Follia - Dear Father ( PS4, 32.99 euros) is a survival horror in which we play the role of Marcus Pitt, a boy who finds himself exploring the university campus where his parents work at night. Except that something is wrong: disturbing creatures roam the corridors of the structure.

Marcus's adventure therefore turns into a nightmare, a desperate struggle for survival in which we will have to flee and hide, having available only a torch and a lighter to cut through the darkness where necessary and try to get around the monsters around us without revealing our location.

Shakedown: Hawaii

Sequel to the now classic Retro City Rampage, Shakedown: Hawaii (PS5, € 19.99) makes its debut this week also on PS5, bringing with it an amazing load of style, characters and crazy situations. It is no coincidence that the protagonist of the game is a failed entrepreneur who decides to take back his companies by giving himself up to crime and facing hard-nosed competitors.

Using the inevitable top-down view and pixel graphics art, we will therefore find ourselves facing increasingly difficult missions to conquer every area of ​​the city, take over its commercial activities and thus build a real empire that no one, this time, can take away.