One of the smallest Mini PCs in the world on offer on Amazon

One of the smallest Mini PCs in the world on offer on Amazon
Today we want to suggest a mini PC from a company that has made it a trademark of space-saving solutions. We are talking about Chuwi, and in particular the LarkBox Pro, one of the smallest computers in the world, but with rather interesting features.

Chuwi LarkBox Pro: technical features

First of all, the processor used for this PC is an Intel Celeron J4125, a 4-core, 4-thread CPU with a maximum frequency of 2.7GHz. This is accompanied by 6GB of RAM and a 128GB SSD. We could consider it a standard configuration for a mini PC, were it not, however, for the dimensions of this device: 61mm in length and width by 41mm in height. We are talking about a real computer, about the size of a golf ball, a pocket device in all respects.

As if that were not enough, even in terms of connectivity the PC does not disappoint, and even if limited by size, we really find everything you might need. There are three USB ports, one Type-C and the other USB 3.0. There is also a micro HDMI output that allows you to connect a 4K monitor at 60 frames per second, as well as the traditional 3.5mm combined headphone and microphone jack and a microSD card reader. There is also a wireless module capable of offering dual band Wi-Fi connection and Bluetooth 5.1.

At a price of 152.15 euros on Amazon, with a discount of almost 50 euros on the list price, it is definitely a interesting product for its ease of transport, both for those who work and for those who study.