New Tesla windows to the hammer test

New Tesla windows to the hammer test
For several weeks now we have been talking about the new windows that Tesla has decided to install on the 2021 refresh version of the Model 3, and on the Model Y; on these two models Tesla replaced the two front windows, which were previously made of tempered glass, by installing new double-pane laminated glass.

Why did Tesla make this choice? In reality, the reasons may be different. It was initially speculated that the change served to better soundproof the cars, as Tesla has recently received several complaints about the poor soundproofing of the passenger compartment. For this reason, several Tesla enthusiasts have undertaken to test the internal noise while driving; judging by the test results, the new windows make a slight difference, but in many cases it is such a small difference that it can only be detected by specific measuring instruments.

But one thing is certain: laminated glass that Tesla uses on the new Model 3 and Model Y is more durable and safer. You probably know that tempered glass panels, in case of breakage, shatter into many small pieces of blunt glass; this is a safety measure to prevent pieces of broken glass from injuring those inside the car in the event of an accident. Furthermore, the complete breaking of the glass makes it easier to get out of the vehicle in case of danger.

On the other hand, laminated glass panels break but do not shatter, precisely because the lamination ensures that the glass sheet remains whole even when broken: on the one hand the glass is much more resistant and safer, also against the bad guys, and in the event of an accident it prevents objects - or even worse people - from escaping from broken windows. It is certainly not a reinforced window like the one that should be installed on the Cybertruck - despite the unsuccessful presentation a few months ago - but it is still a welcome change in terms of security.

In the video that we report below, the guys from the Youtube channel Dร†rik tested the different versions of the windows used by Tesla, to better understand this modification.