Monster Hunter Rise: Capcom reveals details about the spin-off

Monster Hunter Rise: Capcom reveals details about the spin-off
Next year fans of the Monster Hunter series can look forward to the new title Monster Hunter Rise for Nintendo Switch. As in the Japanese-exclusive Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, the offshoot will be set in a Japanese-inspired setting, with opponents inspired by Japanese demons called Yokai. To make the game world more believable, the development team visited various culturally important locations in the land of the rising sun.

In an interview with Youtuber Gaijin Hunter, Capcom revealed some details about the upcoming Monster Hunter. The game will support some features that Monster Hunter World had, but also those that were in earlier titles. For example, the pause function is back in offline quests, which didn't even exist in Monster Hunter World, as it should be possible at any time for other players to join the missions that have already started Features that are carried over from Monster Hunter World belong to the global matchmaking, so we will also be able to compete with Japanese hunters against the giant monsters. One function from the predecessor that is being removed is the coats. These are very controversial among fans. On the one hand, they provide buffs to better prepare us for our adversaries. On the other hand, many players criticize that the capes cover half of our character, which makes collecting armor, which is the focus of the game concept, a bit unsatisfactory.

In addition, it will be a voice output for our hunter for the first time give, who previously only grunted and moaned. Ready-made messages for specific situations can be selected. For example, an exclamation when you set a trap or ride a monster to knock it over.

Monster Hunter Rise (buy now € 59.99) will be released on March 26th for Nintendo Switch. Rumors of a version for the PC are also circulating, after all Capcom wants to sell as many units with the spin-off as with Monster Hunter World.

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