Minecraft has new graphics (crazy)

Minecraft has new graphics (crazy)

After a long beta phase, here is the revolution in terms of graphics thanks to ray tracing and an extremely realistic representation of lights and reflections

(Photo: Minecraft) Finally official at global level Minecraft Rtx that is the version of the very popular title sandbox with ray tracing support for ultra-realistic representation of the behavior of lights, shadows and reflections in the game environment. The long beta test that started last April comes to an end and becomes available for all users with computers with Windows 10 operating system and a compatible graphics card.

For all owners of systems with a gpu on board such as GeForce RTX 2060 or higher, you can therefore take advantage of Nvidia technology that works in conjunction with Minecraft's Render Dragon for a whole new experience. A real revolution in terms of graphics, as was the transition from 2d to 3d as the virtual world becomes even more immersive and realistic thanks to the renewed management of lights. Here is a video that shows better than a thousand words the remarkable evolutionary leap of the recently passed title among Microsoft properties:

You can see how the lighting behaves more coherently and less built with the rays that filter from the clouds and create ever-changing shadows, reflections on water surfaces or colored windows, but also the change of color depending on the position of the source, just like the Sun when it is on the horizon or at the zenith.

To fully enjoy the juicy novelty, all users who install Minecraft Rtx can visit maps and worlds designed ad hoc to best show the potential of ray tracing such as the already famous Colosseum Rtx that can be reached for free from Minecraft Marketplace or the Dungeon Dash Rtx. With the older ray-traced gpus you can play at 1080p and 60 fps, while with the new Rtx 3070, 3080 or 3090 you can pump even at 4k and over 60 fps.

Apart from the graphics not nothing changes in terms of gameplay compared to the Bedrock version, which also maintains cross-play.