Mastercard, Visa and the abuse issue on Pornhub

Mastercard, Visa and the abuse issue on Pornhub
In recent days, the journalist Nicholas Kristof has signed a report on the pages of the New York Times in which he explains how on Pornhub there are hard videos explicitly described by the authors as the result of attacks on unconscious girls and women as well as sexual abuse of minors. Mastercard was among those who immediately alerted.

Pornhub: Mastercard and Visa support in doubt

The credit card giant has said it wants to stop its support to the platform (or to the management of transactions) in the event that the allegations prove to be well founded. This is the brief statement entrusted by the group to the Reuters editorial team.

If the claims are justified, we will implement immediate measures.

This is the statement of a spokesperson for Pornhub through which the site categorically denies what supported by Kristof. The portal emphasizes that it can count on a team of moderators continuously working to intervene in case of problems and on automatisms capable of preventing potentially illegal content in a preventive manner.

Any allegations that we accept sexual abuse material on children is irresponsible and profoundly false.

The intervention of Visa is also recorded, declaring that it is "actively involved with financial institutions to investigate".

If the site is identified as not compliant with current regulations or policies accepted with financial institutions as well as subscribed standards, it will no longer be able to accept Visa payments.

Finally, we remind you that just over a year ago, PayPal decided to stop supporting Pornhub due to its XXX nature.

Source: Reuters