Luna Park, maxi-operation against child pornography

Luna Park, maxi-operation against child pornography
Only a few days ago the Postal Police announced that they had arrested a thirty year old "found in possession of over 1500 videos and images with child pornography content (child victims from the apparent age of 10/12 years)". News like these are now repeated recurrently, with the deleterious effect of "getting used to" them, as if they were isolated cases that can be eradicated with normal control and repression. What has emerged in these hours, with a new maxi-operation, instead makes the contours of what is a much more rooted criminal activity better than imagined.

Luna Park operation

The operation, called “Luna Park”, reached 53 provinces and 18 regions in total, uncovering 16 criminal associations and identifying over 140 Telegram and WhatsApp groups active in the exchange of material. In short, sensational numbers that bring 432 people around the world into the hands of investigators, 81 of them Italian (two of which are particularly active in promoting activities on the channels that have emerged). At the center of it all is a vast flow of child pornography material exchanged online and now useful for rebuilding the entire organization.

#Poliziapostale Operation against online child pornography in 53 provinces and 18 regions of Italy.

The agents, working undercover, have discovered 16 criminal associations and identified over 140 child pornography groups on telegram and whatsapp # 16dicembre #essercisempre

- Polizia di Stato (@poliziadistato) December 16, 2020

It is fundamental not only to insist on finding new tools for monitoring and repression, but also and above all to develop strategies to trace the sources of production and violence, so that we can first of all repress the true origin of the problem and not only its “market” effects. The "Luna Park" operation has the merit of making clear the capillarity with which certain systems manage to take root, passing through digital platforms and creating unsuspected affiliations that bring economic lymph to producers and distributors of new material.

Source: Il Post