Lazio Esports enters the Italian Esports Observatory

Lazio Esports enters the Italian Esports Observatory
Lazio eSports joins the Italian Esports Observatory, the first B2B networking, information and training platform for sector operators. The agreement is part of the club's strategy to position its strategy in an increasingly growing market also in Italy.

The S.S. Lazio eSports, has started a professionalization process for the team. In addition to structuring the management for communication, marketing and sponsorships, it has also created a real technical staff to train, manage and improve the performance of the players, both physically and psychologically.

There are programs concerning nutrition, health, wellbeing, psychological preparation, rest, all fundamental elements for an eSports player. The goal is to communicate and share the values ​​of eSports with the public: even if there is no physical contact, the physical activity of traditional sport, the values ​​and above all the approach to preparation and training are maintained.

Thanks to this important collaboration, the Italian Esports Observatory continues to be a reference point for the sector and to create connections between the most important stakeholders, to create a network of partners that can accelerate the evolution of the sector also in Italy.

"The entry of a project with great potential like Lazio eSports confirms the role that the OIES is having in the growth of the eSports market in Italy - comment Luigi Caputo and Enrico Gelfi, co-founders of 'OIES - The approach of a club like Lazio to eSports is a further sign of the opportunities that this sector offers. OIES adds another piece of absolute value to the network available to members, that in this way they will be able to know the project and develop new connections ".

Gianfilippo Valentini, eSports division manager S.S. Lazio, commented the entry into OIES as follows: “Team S.S. Lazio eSports is a project on which we work in synergy with the internal managers of the company and is part of a range of initiatives aimed at enhancing the brand. We have decided to join this great community because it is very attentive to the dynamics and development of the eSports world in Italy, and through networking I hope that we will be able to create important and winning situations for all stakeholders ".