Lamborghini, Stephan Winkelmann: a great homecoming

Lamborghini, Stephan Winkelmann: a great homecoming
Stephan Winkelmann is back at the helm of the Lamborghini car manufacturer. His return is clearly linked to Stefano Domenicali's recent decision to leave the car manufacturer and start a new adventure at the head of Formula 1 as president and CEO.

We are therefore talking about a great return, given that Stephan Winkelmann he has already led the Sant'Agata Bolognese brand from 2005 to 2016, a period in which he managed to transform Lamborghini into one of the major supercar manufacturers, setting numerous sales records. However, he will maintain his dual role, continuing to chair the French Bugatti for which he has been working since 2018.

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, the carmaker has recorded record delivery numbers and, to date, the CEO it invites calm, focusing above all on stabilization and user satisfaction.

Whoever buys one of our cars buys a dream, we must continue to create dream cars and a world that surrounds them. In recent years, exceptional goals have been achieved, the direction is the right one, I am very optimistic, of course we must not let our guard down, the effort is always very high.

In France I have experienced both the two waves of the pandemic and moving I have often touched on the tragedy that is affecting the world in Germany too, declared the new CEO of Lamborghini. Of course, Italy, at this moment, among the great in Europe, together with Spain, is one of the weakest from an economic point of view, there is no clear policy regarding the industrial structure.

It is no coincidence that the great success achieved in recent years can be attributed to s uv Urus, defined by himself as the model of the turning point. The new goal of the brand is therefore to implement all previous experiences in order to complete real creations that represent the sporting spirit of the House but also of Made in Italy.

Our future will always have as a basis the concept of a super sports car, even when we make SUVs. We look at our roots, we question ourselves every day, the past provides us with experience, a constant humility of approach is required to maintain a brand that represents Made in Italy in the world.

Winkelmann himself on a possible Bugatti's return to Italy expressed how much his French nature is now part of that nation's world of luxury; unlike Lamborghini, which is now consolidated in Italy thanks to the opening of a second factory that employs more than 1,800 employees. Not surprisingly, 8300 units were built in 2019, of which more than 90% were exported globally.

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