Kia eSoul on the test bench, exceeded the data declared by the house

Kia eSoul on the test bench, exceeded the data declared by the house
The rapid growth of the electric car market is now undeniable; all the car manufacturers are gearing up to enrich their lists of 100% electric models, and among these there is also Kia, an important relative manufacturer of Hyundai, whose headquarters are located in South Korea.

Today, thanks to the video by Matteo Valenza that we report below, we compare the performance of a 100% electric Kia eSoul, comparing the data provided by the parent company to those that can be collected with a test bench test.

For its electric eSoul, Kia declares 204 horsepower and between 300 and 400 Nm of torque, data that in themselves are very high for a car that has no sporting ambitions, but we know that electric motors they are so, very powerful and able to provide a lot of torque. The maximum speed declared by Kia for this model is 140 km / h, clearly limited by the car's software. Let's see what the reality of this little Kia's performance is.

Once tied to the dyno, the eSoul was launched at full speed on the dyno - more than once, because the results obtained left a some suspicions to the operators of the workshop where the test was carried out - and the results are surprising, much higher than what Kia declared: if on the one hand the Korean house promises 204 horses on the eSoul, the test bench has recorded 239 horsepower, and even 586 Nm of torque, all immediately available at the touch of the accelerator. And the maximum speed? This is also much higher than Kia claims, 171 km / h recorded on the dyno on more than one occasion.

The Kia eSoul is on sale at the starting price of 39,850 euros in the version with a 39.2 kWh battery pack, while for the increased 64 kWh battery the price rises to 44,350 euros; in this larger configuration, the car is able to travel around 400 km on a single charge. We also remind you that thanks to the incentives already active - and planned for the whole of 2021 - it is possible to receive large discounts on the purchase of a zero-emission car such as the Kia eSoul.