It's a Wonderful World: Corruption & Ascent coming January 15th

It's a Wonderful World: Corruption & Ascent coming January 15th
It's a Wonderful World: Corruption & Ascension, the second expansion for the successful draft game for Studio Supernova is coming.

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The latest expansion of the best seller It's a Wonderful World includes a whole new set of cards, to be mixed with those of the core set. The original mix of Development Cards from the IWW base deck and cards from the Corruption & Rise expansion will introduce players to new gameplay, mainly through pairing and corruption scoring mechanisms.

New rules, new combos and a whole new campaign full of scenarios for solitaire mode. The box contains, in addition to the new card sets, a secret box with another legacy campaign, new and improved game components also for the base set (such as the erasable and reusable scoreboard), as well as numerous new cubes for resources and pawns. In addition, this new box will allow up to seven players to play.

The release date of The King is Dead for April 2nd 2021 and Spicy for March 5th 2021 is also confirmed.

The King is Dead is born from the mind of Peer Sylvester, author of the best seller The Lost Expedition, a new adventure in a medieval setting, which updates the exciting and now legendary game of political intrigue with a new graphics, fantastic illustrations by Benoit Billion and an innovative asymmetrical version for games in advanced mode.

As for Spicy, however, it is a perfect card and bluff game for 2-6 players for evenings with family or friends. Players will be able to play the cards face down, so they can cheat on the various spices and their value. But that's not all, because in this brilliant game, it will always be possible to play a card that is at least half true.

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