In Italy, 5G is going strong, very strong

In Italy, 5G is going strong, very strong
Not all the promises made about 5G have so far been kept. We certainly cannot say that the new generation mobile networks are accessible to everyone, but with a certain pride we are entitled to boast the recognition attributed to us by Ookla: Italy has the fastest networks among those currently active in all the G7 countries.

Italy has the fastest 5G among the G7 countries, the United States the slowest.

5G in Italy: fast, but still not very present

The confirmation in the image below: 230.05 Mbps of download average against 217.65 Mbps in Japan, 209.24 Mbps in Canada, 161.13 Mbps in the United Kingdom, 128.32 Mbps in Germany and only 64.11 Mbps of the United States. Excluding France which has turned on the first antennas only in the last few weeks. The situation changes if we consider the connection time recorded to the networks: in this case we are last.

Things will change with the 5G rollout already planned by operators also with the aim of contributing to the contrast of the digital divide felt by many in this difficult 2020 which has forced everyone to increase their online presence.

Globally 5G networks are now accessible in 99 countries around the world and in a total of 14,643 cities (data updated at the end of Q3 2020). Of these, more than half are in the United States (7,583). The report also has the merit of lighting a beacon on those areas of the planet for which the prospect is currently only a distant mirage: among the states that do not even see the target on the horizon include Turkmenistan, Rwanda, Iraq, Belarus and Afghanistan .

Source: Ookla