Halo: Xbox 360 servers will retire, that's when

Halo: Xbox 360 servers will retire, that's when
All single cycles have a beginning but above all an end. It is not easy to separate from something (or someone) that in some way has characterized our life in a large part. Whether it's a memory or a simple product, the knowledge that sooner or later everything will surely end up hurting. Precisely for this reason, it saddens us to know that after years of honorable career, the Halo game servers on Xbox 360 are preparing to shut down. To give the sad (but inevitable) news was the official Twitter profile of the game.

To better understand the situation, through the site dedicated to Halo (or Halo Waypoint), 343 Industries has released a press release dedicated to whole situation. Without getting lost in unnecessary chatter, the development house has let Halo fans know that all multiplayer servers dedicated to games on Xbox 360 will be retired. The definitive closure will take place at the end of next year (i.e. December 2021) and for this reason the developers recommend making the most of the online functions to unlock any achivements left pending. Obviously this "procedure" will include every single Halo released on the old Xbox 360.

According to 343 Industries the games will continue to be available and usable without any problem by the various users in possession. However, every single online feature will be permanently set aside. In order not to create further confusion, the producers of the saga have specified that this decision will not affect in any way the Master Chief Collection and the games released on Xbox One (also compatible with Series X / S).

Sad as it was, such a situation was somewhat inevitable. Halo has now managed to undergo a clear transition on next-gen platforms (as well as on PC). All the online communities that are passionate about Halo have not been using the servers of the Legacy versions for a long time. So the decision of the guys from 343 Industries is more than rational. Furthermore, by doing so, developers will be able to "save" a part of the proceeds to dedicate themselves and invest in a more targeted way in the future Halo Infinite (due out next year). What do you think of this decision? Let us know, as always, through the comments section of the site!

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