Gas station strike, new stop from 14 December

Gas station strike, new stop from 14 December
The gas station strike was proclaimed from the evening of Monday 14 December until the morning of Thursday 17. A new strike that will therefore stop all fuel distribution systems: in fact, both the ordinary network systems, such as urban centers, will close and those on the motorway system.

An evident protest carried out by this category of workers which sees the exclusion from the Ristori Decree, with consequent fundamental measures to be able to exit the economic crisis brought about by the pandemic from Covid-19.

The announcement came in the last few hours - through a specific joint press release - from trade organizations, such as Faib Confesercenti, Fegica Cisl and Figisc / Anisa Confcommercio who express a clear dissent for the lack of inclusion by the Government in the measures to support plant management companies.

The decision was made necessary as a result of the inexplicable unavailability of the Gove rno to include the small and very small management companies to which the plants are entrusted, in the category of categories that benefit from the support measures included in the various Refreshments Decrees. The distribution of fuels is classified as an essential public service, having to guarantee, even in current as well as in past emergency circumstances, the continuity and regularity of the activity, in the interest of the community, to allow the movement of people and the transport of all kinds of goods.

Collapse in turnover

Not by chance, the associations denounce the consequent reduction in turnover due to the restrictions imposed on mobility. In this situation, the chances of keeping the distribution activity available to citizens would therefore seem minimal. The same associations point out that drastically reduced mobility and the night curfew, two measures adopted in order to combat the pandemic, can only herald a progressive bankruptcy of small and very small businesses, with drastic consequences on the same employment levels in the sector.

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