From QuantumScape a revolutionary battery: up to 400 thousand km of autonomy

From QuantumScape a revolutionary battery: up to 400 thousand km of autonomy
Batteries are the beating heart of new electric vehicles and to increase their efficiency and consumer adoption, they require constant technological updates. The CEO of the American company QuantumScape, Jagdeep Singh, is convinced that he has the definitive recipe for the best battery ever produced.

With the likes of Volkswagen and Bill Gates, these words weigh heavily on the EV market and could shake even giants like Tesla; the technology that allows this evolution of the battery has been refined in 10 years of work and 2 million different tests, aimed at creating a top secret ceramic electrolyte that does not undergo the normal deterioration we are used to with traditional batteries and allows to maintain the battery at 100% efficiency for many cycles, up to 80% remaining capacity after 400,000 km / 800 cycles of full charge.

Incredible performance but far from mass production

These numbers are very exciting and are also accompanied by the forecast of a possible market release in 2024, against 2025 initially assumed. In these years the company will have to find a way to overcome some important obstacles such as the size of the cells, at the moment too small for real use.

The competition is also very fierce with brands like Toyota that are investing from years in the same technology and Tesla which is the renowned leader in the sector and is unlikely to be overtaken in the next few years having about 10 years of experience more than any competitor.

In addition, the University of Michigan is also working on a similar project, with less interesting results than those announced by QuantumScape; the cells of the American company use the same nickel-rich cathode as current batteries and thanks to the advanced technology that distinguishes the project, it can be recharged from 0 to 80% in just 15 minutes.

Volkswagen relies heavily on QuantumScape

The Volkswagen group which, as mentioned above, is a major investor in this company, has announced that it intends to use this technology in a car in the near future; the commitment by the German giant is important, in fact the two companies are planning the construction of a production plant of 1 GWh per year which will be joined by an even more advanced one of 20 GWh per year.

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