FCA launches online car sales through e-shops

FCA launches online car sales through e-shops
FCA launches e-Shop, an unprecedented e-commerce project developed with the aim of involving the entire network of dealerships of the group in Italy. The initiative will therefore allow you to configure and choose a car or commercial vehicle. There are six FCA e-Shops, one for each brand in the group: Abarth, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Lancia, Jeep and Fiat Professional for commercial vehicles.

Allowing future buyers to buy their favorite car from the comfort of their home or anywhere else, ranging from used models to new ones, is becoming a practice shared by many car manufacturers. In the last few hours, the officialization of such a program came from Porsche, which has decided to start the sale of its cars through an unprecedented online channel. For some weeks now, Hyundai has also been offering the opportunity to make purchases online thanks to the new Click To Buy digital platform.

FCA E-Shop: virtual dealerships

The service activated by FCA is currently usable only in Italy, but will inevitably be extended in the coming days in France, and starting from mid-January in Belgium. However, the same FCA group intends to enter the other major European markets by mid-2021.

Subsequently, a second optimization will allow the introduction of new contents including the possibility of buying used cars. Not surprisingly, the activation of the unpublished e-shops that the car manufacturer makes available to its users, allows you to access the brand's home page by reaching the configurator section, from which you can customize the chosen model, then being able to continue with the online purchase path. However, the customer can decide how to pay for the vehicle with a consequent security deposit of 500 euros, by credit card. Adding services and preferences will be possible thanks to financing packages designed by FCA Bank exclusively for this project.

Inevitably, the pre-order of the car is sent directly to a seller, who will then contact the customer by forwarding the contract of purchase to be subscribed in person or remotely.