Cyberpunk 2077: problems on consoles, CD Projekt shares collapse

Cyberpunk 2077: problems on consoles, CD Projekt shares collapse
Cyberpunk 2077 has gone through a problematic launch: if in its PC version the open world RPG of CD Projekt runs at its maximum splendor and is also quite scalable, the console versions are currently in a more or less worse state depending on of cases. On PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S, even in backward compatibility (pending the patch that will arrive next year) the situation is more than worthy; the real problems, however, are mainly related to the old gen consoles, especially the basic versions of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Despite the excellent ratings of the specialized critics, who awarded the PC version with a round 90 out of Metacritic, the unsatisfactory state of the game on those specific platforms meant that CD Projekt's stock market title dropped sharply between yesterday (launch day) and today. This morning the stock shares fell by as much as 29% compared to the last appointments of the pre-launch communication campaign, going from PLN 443 to PLN 313.9 (the company is listed on the Polish stock exchange), a decrease determined by the numerous complaints that emerged on the net due to problems on PS4 and One / One S.

Taking into consideration only December 10th, however, the title has dropped from PLN 390.6 to PLN 362, and this despite the news regarding pre-orders, capable of exceeding eight millions (of which more than half, about 60%, on PC) and even to beat the record of Grand Theft Auto V. By comparison, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt had "just" 1.5 million pre-orders. In the past few hours, while the first problems of the console versions began to emerge, on Steam the game could boast more than a million active players: a record for single player video games.

That's not all: the company's share value, according to a recent report, fell by 25% compared to the peak reached this year: the numerous postponements, which led to the release window to be moved from April to December.

And you, have you already had the opportunity to try Cyberpunk 2077, and on which platform? How are you finding it? Do you think CD Projekt will be able to solve the problems of the old gen versions?

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