Chainsaw Man - anime and manga sequel arrive

Chainsaw Man - anime and manga sequel arrive
As reported a few days ago, Chainsaw Man, the manga written and drawn by Tatsuki Fujimoto (Fire Punch) which debuted for Planet Manga a few weeks ago, would be nearing its conclusion, very close to its conclusion. From the relay copies of Weekly Shonen Jump # 2 to be released on 13 December in Japan and leaked online, in fact, the manga will officially end its run.

However, there are two important announcements that will be given in conjunction with the last chapter of the manga shonen.

The first is about the sequel. After a hiatus that is not better quantified, Chainsaw Man will return with a new series which, however, will be serialized directly on Shueisha's Shonen Jump Plus app.

The second, on the other hand, concerns the announcement of the anime series. Chainsaw Man will become an anime developed by Studio Mappa, the same as Jujutsu Kaisen and Attack of the Giants 4. The details are obviously still scarce!

Chainsaw Man, the manga

Here is the synopsis of Chainsaw Man:

Denji is a poor boy, covered in debt, who makes a living by killing demons with the help of his loyal Pochita, a demonic dog-chainsaw, his only friend. Fate has always been hard on Denji, but now it's about to take everything away from him. Everything, except the loyalty of Pochita, who will offer his owner the opportunity to live a new cutting life. From the author of Fire Punch, the new phenomenon that has ignited the pages of Shonen Jump, as crazy, lethal and thundering as the sharpest of rotating blades!

Tatsuki Fujimoto in Italy

Tatsuki Fujimoto, the author of Chainsaw Man, is known to Italian readers for another stuff: Fire Punch published by Edizioni Star Comics. Even Fire Punch lasted relatively shortly by shonen standards or only 8 volumes all already published in Italy.

Here is the synopsis of Fire Punch:

The terrible “Ice Witch” has transformed the world into an expanse of snow, hunger and madness. And whoever is cold is tremendously attracted to fire… Does the "blessing" descended on Agni represent a hope or rather a curse? Agni and Luna are two orphan brothers, both endowed with the power of regeneration. They try by all means to help the people of their village to survive, until they are attacked by Doma, a man with the "blessing" of the flames, who condemns them to a cruel fate…

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