Capcom: a major employee leaves the company

Capcom: a major employee leaves the company
Capcom loses one of its most prominent figures, Daisuke Ichihara. The director of Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate and Monster Hunter World Iceborn, left the Japanese company to join ILCA, a company that deals with the creation of CGI content. In the latter he obtained the position of director of the Development Division of the Kyoto office, a high-profile and more than deserved position given the excellent work done for the iconic software house. only once, right? "- said Ichihara in an interview for CGWORLD.JP -" I would like to build an organization capable of implementing the team's proposals when it would like to create something. I myself joined the company mid-career, but I would really like to build a youth organization together ", he concluded with a wise and fresh thought. The key phrase of his new experience is “Aiming for young people”… a commendable phrase.

But what has ILCA, the new house in Ichihara, achieved? The company has worked on creating content for a variety of high-end productions: NieR Automata, Code Vein, Dragon Quest XI, Ace Combat 7 Skies Unknown, Kingslaive Final Fantasy XV and many more. To learn more about ILCA's jobs and occupations, we invite you to visit their website by clicking here, in order to get a complete picture of it.

In short, a really important loss for Capcom: the Iceborn expansion for Monster Hunter World (of which we invite you to retrieve our review), is considered by many users as the most beautiful experience of the acclaimed action / RPG. If you don't know it, here is the description of the expansion:

“A flock of Legiana flees from the Ancient Forest. Suspicious of their strange behavior, the members of the commission decide to follow them and cross the ocean on the airship of the Third Fleet. After a stormy sea voyage, they are faced with a new continent covered with snow and ice. ”

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