Blob Opera: Introducing Google's AI Chorus

Blob Opera: Introducing Google's AI Chorus
Do you have a few free minutes and want to see (and hear) something funny? Our advice then is to go to Google Arts & Culture and take a look at Blob Opera (click here), a nice machine learning experiment by David Li.

Blob Opera will see the presence of a choir made up of four friendly Blobs, each of which will cover one of the different opera voices in real time.

To interact with the choir of these colorful Blobs you don't need to have any notion of music theory, in fact it will be possible play with the different characters with a simple vertical or horizontal movement to give life to a real singing improvisation.

Blob Opera was developed starting from the voices of four opera singers (the tenor Christian Joel, the bass Frederick Tong, mezzo-soprano Joanna Gamble and soprano Olivia Doutney). The singers recorded 16 hours of singing, used as a tool on which to base the whole experience in order to create an engaging experiment for everyone, regardless of the musical abilities of individual users.

Machine learning, also called learning automatic, is a branch of artificial intelligence that collects methods developed through various scientific researches and that uses statistical methods to improve the performance of an algorithm. In this specific case, machine learning is a variant of programming, where a machine is predisposed to the ability to learn something from data independently.

By interacting with the four characters it will be possible to have an idea of machine learning ability of this particular artificial intelligence and its operatic capabilities.

To kick off the music just drag the blobs up and down to change the pitch and back and forth for different vowel sounds. User information will match another machine learning model, which will allow blobs to respond and harmonize inputs in real time. Given the period, if you want to give your personal concert an extra festive touch just click on the Christmas tree for a Christmas surprise based on the most famous Christmas carols.

Isaac Asimov was the visionary author i whose writings have made all this possible, you can find Me, robot at this Amazon