3 Emme Games: here is the Momiji kickstarter

3 Emme Games: here is the Momiji kickstarter
3 Emme Games, an Italian company already known for games such as Heroes of Black Reach or Dig your way out, has recently launched its first kickstarter campaign aimed at the production of Momiji, a game where to win we will be called to collect the most beautiful autumn leaves coming from the Garden of the Emperor of Japan.

And although this is the first time this company has approached the great Kickstarter platform as a creator, the company's intentions are practically made evident right away (our translation)

Our mission is to provide the best possible game experience through the highest quality components, great game mechanics variability and stunning artwork

Even what it should be how to approach Momiji seem to be evident from what "stolen" from the facebook page of the company (our translation):

Momiji is a poetic card game on the colors of autumn and the wonders of the landscape in Ancient Japan

The product seems to be in an advanced state of development: at the moment it is possible to consult a first version of the regulation (here in Italian), where we can find the first scenarios that will be playable.

The fundraising campaign includes, in addition to the ever-present non-repayable pledge, two possible levels of funding: € 15 for the game and all the stretch goals unlocked, € 25 for the deluxe version.

For the more demanding it will also be possible to add some add-ons which, despite the decidedly low cost, will give that extra "something" that never hurts: two new game modules, respectively for 3 € and € 4, and the possibility of introducing a fifth player, for € 5.

The kickstarter, which will end on December 23rd, achieved immediate success: the initial goal of € 10,000 was reached 20 days in advance of the campaign's end date, and to date has collected almost € 21,000 from 808 financiers.

The delivery of the game is scheduled for September 2021.

If you love the foliage and the colors of autumn, here is a themed book just a click away