Yakuza Like a Dragon: guide to using items as weapons

Yakuza Like a Dragon: guide to using items as weapons
The turn-based combat of Yakuza Like A Dragon is based on a solid role-playing structure, with lots of parameters and numerical values ​​that come into play, but it also allows some freedom of action.

One of the numerous possibilities offered by the combat phases of the new chapter of Yakuza concerns the ability of the various characters to use the objects recovered on the battlefield, then using them as improper weapons against opponents. In particular, the different characters will be able to interact with objects only if they pass close to them during an attack, in which case they will use the collected tool to throw it at the enemy, thus making an extra attack to inflict bonus damage. On the contrary, instead, only Ichiban Kasuga will be able to pick up an object and use it instead of his main attack, thus exploiting its full potential against his opponents. Consequently, you will never be able to pick up an object with a character and hold it in your hand while waiting to use it through a subsequent attack.

Despite these premises, there is still a little trick to be able to "force" a member of your party to unleash an attack using an object, without necessarily having to hope that it will cross it on the way. In particular, it will be enough for you to move the chosen character within the battlefield, an operation possible since between one turn and another you will have all the time you want to decide how to act, and place it just behind the object you are interested the latter in line with the enemy you want to attack: once ready you just have to start the action and you will be sure that your character will pick up the object.

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