Yakuza Like A Dragon, the complete walkthrough: main and secondary quest, exams, friendships ... All our guides

Yakuza Like A Dragon, the complete walkthrough: main and secondary quest, exams, friendships ... All our guides
Yakuza: Like a Dragon shakes up the habits of the franchise on the gameplay side but still offers, like its predecessors, an incredible main quest and an abundant open-world filled with side activities. School exams, friendships to be made with characters from around the world, mini-games, subplots ... Our complete Yakuza: Like a Dragon solution is here to accompany you step by step in the open world of Sega Japanese mafia sauce.

Yakuza Like A Dragon: all our open-world guides

Ichiban's incredible adventure has fifteen main chapters that will take him on a journey through several famous cities in Japan. Our walkthrough will help you step by step, from Chapter 1 to Chapter 15, to fulfill each of the objectives of his quest.

Guide to the main scenario

The many subplots are unlocked when they are As you progress through the main story, find the guides for each of them classified by the chapter that corresponds to them in the summary of the solution.

One of the most important quests secondary, the subplot # 10 - Decisive moment in Ounabara, takes place in a school, where you will be subjected to exams. Completing them will allow you to increase your character's stats. It's worth using anti-dryers, isn't it?

The results of the exams of the Ounabara vocational school

In the underworld, we do a lot enemies, so you have to be able to count on a few solid friendships. Survive Bar regulars will become your friends as you chat, and choosing your answers well will improve your stats.

Les Amitiés du Survive Bar

Updated by Alvin_Stick, on November 14, 2020 at 3:16:36 PM Our solution is now complete with details of all the mini-games and side quests of Yakuza Like a Dragon and the complete guide to the main storyline. Happy adventures in the Japanese mafia! Also read:

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