Xbox Series X / S: Quick resume disabled on some titles

Xbox Series X / S: Quick resume disabled on some titles
It was definitely a very busy week for Xbox users. In fact, during the past few days all the fans of the Redmond console have been able to welcome the new generation. Xbox Series X / S is a more than concrete reality now and many players have decided to take the plunge and recover one of the two Microsoft consoles. Even if the launch line up is certainly not among the best ever, the videogame systems made by Microsoft still manage to surprise due to the different features.

Since its announcement, Xbox Series X / S has tried to demonstrate a considerable computing power, giving players a series of exclusive features. One of the most "advertised" features by Microsoft is certainly the fantastic Quick Resume. For the uninitiated, the Quick Resume gives players the opportunity to open and leave multiple games on stand-by, so as to make the transition between software immediately.

As strange as it may seem as a feature, we can ensure that the convenience provided by this Quick Resume is not to be underestimated. However, even the most beautiful things often hide "problems". In fact, according to recent reports released by Jason Ronald (D.O.P. Xbox), the Quick Resume has been disabled for certain games. According to Ronald, behind this reason there would be problems due to certain games incompatible with the Quick Resume. Just in order not to create inconveniences, the Redmond house has decided to "suspend" the feature in these specific products (which for the moment we do not know what they are).

Obviously this is a marginal problem to say the least as more than 1000 games currently use the Quick Resume without problems. Jason Ronald also let the public know even incompatible software will be updated in the future so as to make them fully functional with the Quick Resume. In short, we just have to wait!

The new Xbox Series X is certainly rarer than gold, but if you want to book the new Microsoft videogame system, we suggest you keep an eye on the following link!

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