Xbox Series X: Its performance is inferior to PS5

Xbox Series X: Its performance is inferior to PS5
After months and months of waiting, the doors of the new videogame generation have officially opened wide. On this occasion, the general public does not stop wondering which console on the market can offer the most convincing experience, even in the long term. Beyond the personal tastes that convey the purchase, in recent weeks the experts are carrying out various tests to measure the potential of PS5 and Xbox Series X, we also talk about it in our review of the Microsoft console and for the competitor, the Sony console.

Apparently, the direct comparison between the two consoles thanks to the multiplatform titles, that is the games that run on both Xbox Series X and PS5, give the latter an advantage over the racing car. Microsoft. But what can be the reason, considering that the Redmond house has always boasted the technical superiority of its latest console, considering it to have an advantage over its rival?

The technical analysis of some titles such as Assassin's Creed demonstrates this. Valhalla, Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition and DIRT 5, together with a very recent document that certifies that the certification of the development kit created by Microsoft for its new Xbox Series X would only take place in June 2020, that is, one year after that of PlayStation 5, probably also due to the choice of using a pure RDNA 2 architecture. This means that the developers have worked on non-optimized kits to be able to run at their best on the newcomer from Microsoft. Even some relevant sources of the videogame world, such as the retailer Dealer Gaming, have exposed themselves in this regard to confirm these statements.

If these are the real reasons, it is reasonable to think that in the future the performance of Xbox Series X will be definitely worthy of its potential, so much vaunted by Microsoft. Since the ninth generation has just begun, let's sit comfortably, interesting years ahead both in terms of the upcoming novelties and the experience offered to gamers.

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