Vodafone, the network is powered 100% by renewable sources

Vodafone, the network is powered 100% by renewable sources
Vodafone Italia announces that it has anticipated its own zero emissions targets of greenhouse gases to 2025 and announces that its network infrastructure is already powered 100% by energy from renewable sources.

Vodafone Italia, with a press release, it announced that it is the first telecommunications company in Italy to have anticipated its objectives regarding the environmental impact of its operations.

"To eliminate greenhouse gas emissions related to own emissions by 2025, 5 years ahead of the parent company's objectives, Vodafone Italia will continue its energy efficiency path, will start replacing its fleet with hybrid and electric cars and will replace fire-fighting gas on Datacenters and telephone exchanges with inert gases that do not produce emissions into the atmosphere "announced the network operator.

By 2040, the Vodafone Group is committed to achieving to achieve the net zero goal, i.e. a total elimination of own and third party greenhouse gas emissions attributable to Vodafone. The reduction target to be achieved by 2030 has been approved by the Science Based Targets initiative.

"The Vodafone Group is one of the more than 500 companies to obtain certification of its gas emission reduction targets greenhouse by the SBTi. Vodafone joins leading companies in this sector, setting ambitious reduction targets that limit the increase in global warming to 1.5 ° C compared to pre-industrial levels, in line with the more ambitious goal set by the Paris Agreement “.

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Scope 1

Own emissions of greenhouse gases

Scope 2

Emissions from purchased electricity

Scope 3

Third party greenhouse gas emissions attributable to Vodafone

(supply chain, devices, shops, etc.)

Vodafone Group Zero by 2030 Zero by 2030

(Europe: July 2021)

-50% by 2030

Zero by 2040

Vodafone Italy Zero by 2025 Emissions zeroed

Reached 100% of energy purchased from renewable sources

-50% by 2030

Zeroing by 2040

Furthermore, Vodafone Italia would like to underline that in ours The entire network infrastructure is already powered by 100% renewable sources through the purchase of energy produced exclusively from certified renewable sources for its own network and also for its offices, 8 months ahead of the target announced last July .

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