Vodafone and sustainability: Zero Emissions goal

Vodafone and sustainability: Zero Emissions goal
With its own network already powered 100% by energy produced with renewable sources (as is the case for offices), today Vodafone Italy defines the long-term targets that will lead the operator towards the goal of Zero Emissions. The time horizon is from here to the next twenty years.

Zero Emissions: Vodagone's strategy

Our local telco division anticipates the parent company's strategy by five years thanks to the initiatives already deployed on the front of efficiency and supply. A path that will continue also passing from the inclusion in its fleet of hybrid and electric vehicles, from the replacement of fire-fighting gas in data centers and telephone exchanges with non-polluting inert gases. The steps announced below, in line with the provisions of the Paris Agreement.

Scope 1: own emissions of greenhouse gases eliminated by 2025 in Italy and by 2030 for the entire group (the 5% via offset); Scope 2: emissions from purchased electricity already eliminated in Italy (100% supply from renewable sources reached) and by 2030 globally (in Europe from 2021); Scope 3: Third party greenhouse gas emissions attributable to Vodafone through supplier chains, devices, stores and so on at -50% by 2030 and zeroed by 2040 worldwide.

The 2030 objectives have been approved by the SBTi (Science Based Targets initiative), born from the collaboration between the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project), the UNGC (the United Nations Global Compact), the WRI (World Resources Institute) and the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature). It is concerned with establishing and promoting best practices based on scientific foundations and conducting independent evaluations of companies.

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