The Last Night, legal and financial problems overcome: development proceeds, the team speaks

The Last Night, legal and financial problems overcome: development proceeds, the team speaks
The announcement of The Last Night, a promising open-world adventure with cyberpunk atmospheres, dates back to the Microsoft conference organized on the occasion of E3 2017: since then, there has been very little news on the title.

At the same time as the reveal , the public had been able to admire the first gameplay trailer of The Last Night, in which the suggestive style of the production was presented. The latter, however, was never followed by an actual publication date, while the rumors about the cancellation of the project became progressively stronger. However, the rumors were denied by Odd Tales, who confirmed that he was continuing work on the title. Finally, in 2019, the software house announced that it was looking for new funds for The Last Night.

Now, new updates have arrived for the voice of Tim Soret, Director of the title, originally intended to Xbox One and PC. From his own Twitter account, the author writes: "While we have previously been silent to solve various legal, financial and business problems while expanding the game, we are now silent for the same reason that a studio like Playdead is. : we are simply working calmly, away from the burning gaze of the public and the press ". The author continues, telling some background related to Odd Tales debut at E3 2017. Tim Soret confesses that the independent team - made up of about 5 talents at the time and completely inexperienced - was not ready, in hindsight , to appear on such an important stage.

The expectations generated following the reveal were so high - continues Tim Soret - that they forced Odd Tales to a complete reorganization in order to keep faith with their ambitions. The budget was thus expanded about 20 times, while the team structure and its technical resources were strengthened to support its open-world ambitions. Finally, a particularly interesting detail, Tim Soret also adds an "upgrade in the direction of the next-gen" to the list of changes, by virtue of the postponements on the timetable. It therefore seems to indirectly confirm that at this point we will see The Last Night in action directly on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

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