Surface Duo in Europe, but when it's too late

Surface Duo in Europe, but when it's too late
Eventually the Surface Duo will also arrive in Europe, but only when it is probably too late to make the device palatable. Over the weekend, new rumors appeared regarding the possible debut of the dual screen smartphone in the old continent: it will take place at the beginning of next year. It should be noted that at the moment there are no official confirmations.

The dual screen Surface Duo even outside the USA

Microsoft may then have to deal with a technical data sheet that is not exactly up to it , considering a not exactly contained economic outlay ($ 1,399 for the basic configuration in the United States). Already at the debut of September in the USA someone had turned up their noses for specifications considered dated, from the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor seen on the top of the 2019 range up to the absence of the NFC module and wireless charging support, now almost omnipresent. >
The strength of the first Surface with Android (the update to version 11 will arrive soon) is undoubtedly the design: instead of opting for a folding screen as done by some competitors, the company has chosen to combine two screens with one central hinge able to rotate up to 360 degrees. The device is therefore able to assume the form factor of a 5.6-inch phone or an 8.1-inch tablet as needed, as long as it accepts a physical detachment between the two panels.

In any case, the Redmond group seems to have already set up the successor, an evolved model and at the moment known internally by the code name Zeta. On the other hand, no update regarding Courier, another dual screen with Windows 10X platform which, unlike what was initially promised, will not be released by the end of 2020.

Source: Windows Latest
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