Star Trek: Discovery: Unusual Romance Could Begin

Star Trek: Discovery: Unusual Romance Could Begin
Star Trek has always stood for inclusion. For example, the first kiss between a white man and a black woman took place on television in the original Star Trek series. Now we could see an unusual romance again.

Warning! Here are spoilers!

In the third season of the Star Trek: Discovery series, Phillipa Georgiou, the former empress of the Terran Empire in the Mirror Universe, shows an interest in the Saurian Linus. In the second episode, she admires his big eyes and said that with them he should perceive a large visual spectrum. Then she asked him to talk to her. In the fourth episode, they both nod suspiciously at Captain Saru's dinner party. In the same episode, Linus Georgiou brings some popcorn while the crew is watching a movie. Georgiou takes the popcorn a little bit bitingly.

All this has led the fans of Star Trek: Discovery to speculate about a possible love affair between Phillipa Georgiou and Linus. This is underlined by a diary entry by Linus published on Instagram. In this he wants to share the wonderful news that Georgiou accepted the popcorn from him, although he made a faux pas with her uniform and he is now very happy that he was able to catch her attention again. Does this mean that the Saurian Linus and Phillipa Georgiou are entering into a love affair?

Or is there something else behind it? Georgiou is quite sneaky and she could be planning something. Something for which she needs Linus' spectrum of perception and therefore perhaps makes him believe that she is interested in him. The upcoming episodes of Star Trek: Discovery are sure to shed light on the darkness.

Source: Trekmovie