Samsung Galaxy Watch3, on Amazon slips to -28%

Samsung Galaxy Watch3, on Amazon slips to -28%
When you want a smartphone on the wrist, the choice is often twofold: an Apple Watch (from 439 euros), for those who have already decided they want a Cupertino device, or one of the many other solutions available. Among the latter, the Galaxy Watch family has established itself over time, which unlike Apple has chosen a classic design and a round display to combine the classic design of watches with the "smart" features that are required of a similar instrument today.

Galaxy Watch3, -28% towards Black Friday

Add to all this a discount of 28% and here the Galaxy Watch3 becomes one of those ideas destined to immediately apply for the race at Christmas 2020.

The Galaxy Watch3, available in both 41mm and 45mm dials, is online for a price that drops to 314.80 euros and 339.90 euros respectively thanks to the discounts of this incipit of Black Friday. The price has progressively decreased in the last few weeks until it reaches the "plateau" of these days, therefore probably destined to last until the whole next week of discounts.

Classic design, rich features in interaction with your smartphone , sports monitoring capability and 247mAh battery to ensure a full day of operation, notifications and connection. A mature product, in short, on which we can rely without fail. The discount is just a further invitation, which becomes difficult not to give up when for Christmas you are thinking of something to put on your wrist.

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