PS5: will Apple earphones be compatible with DualSense?

PS5: will Apple earphones be compatible with DualSense?

Do Apple headphones work on ps5?

By now, it is a matter of days for the official release of the PS5 and on November 19, 2020, Italy will also be able to welcome the new console from Sony Interactive Entertainment. Waiting for its debut, the most eager of you will be able to read our personal review of PS5, a console that once again promises to give us a lot in the years to come.

From the first moments we met with the new generation console from Sony, we knew that PS5 would give a lot of space to the audio sector, which in this new videogame era will introduce and enhance the three-dimensional sound in games. In this regard, Sony has presented a dedicated headset, or the PULSE 3D wireless headphones with microphone, designed specifically for the new generation with PS5, available from 12 November. The new PS5-specific headset is certainly characterized by a superior design compared to the previous versions available for PlayStation 4 and, apart from the quality of the audio sector offered for the new console, these headphones will be very useful for voice chat in parties with others. gamers.

However, spending on a new headset may not be the priority for many users who would rather use what they already have at home. In this case, the lucky ones who have already got their hands on the new console have made an interesting discovery. Well, if users already own a pair of Apple-branded earphones with mic, it seems that the latter will also be usable for voice chat, by connecting them to a DualSense controller for PS5. This would be really good news, considering that previously, when connected to the DualShock 4, this type of earphone could only receive sound, but not use the microphone.

In addition to this, the beta of iOS 14.3 and iPadOS 14.3 will also introduce support for the new DualSense controllers for PS5 and for that of Amazon Luna, representing another interesting possibility useful for gamers. Considering that the official release of the PS5 is not far behind in our country, users will not be long in confirming the veracity of these advantages personally, as soon as they try the new console comfortably in their living rooms.

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