PS5: "We've sold everything, I don't recommend a pandemic launch," Ryan said

PS5: We've sold everything, I don't recommend a pandemic launch, Ryan said
For Sony president Jim Ryan, the launch of PS5 during a pandemic like the one we are experiencing was an experience "that I would not recommend to anyone". The difficulties that the Japanese giant has had to overcome are many, but the satisfactions, we imagine, are just as many. "We have sold absolutely everything," he confirmed in an interview with TAAS.

Ryan, in fact, speaking of the last year talked about the two sides of the success of PS5. "My two main feelings are of happiness, because things seem to be going well, and secondly of relief: we made it a launch in this unusual, strange and frankly quite difficult year," said Ryan.

"Of all the things I've learned this year, one is that I don't want to have another big console launch in the midst of a global pandemic anymore and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone else. It was difficult, it was demanding from the point of view of production, not being able to bring anyone into factories in Asia ... Before starting production, we had to organize the production through remote cameras. I mean, imagine having to do this with a precision device like PlayStation 5. "

This, however, did not affect the final product. Without COVID-19 "PS5 would have been identical in functionality, [...] Maybe there would have been a few more consoles to sell, but not many, the production guys have worked wonders."

So it wouldn't have been the solution to the biggest problem of these weeks: the lack of consoles. The real "problem" is demand, not supply. Sony has sold many consoles, only they have sold them all. One thing that will make the PS5 launch the biggest in history. "We sold everything. Absolutely everything," Ryan said. "We have spent the last year making sure we are creating enough demand for the product. And now I have to spend a lot of time trying to increase production in order to answer that question."

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