PS5 vs Xbox: Input Latency Compared, DualSense Lower?

PS5 vs Xbox: Input Latency Compared, DualSense Lower?
Now that PS5 and Xbox Series X are on the market, many users have been able to test the characteristics of the two respective consoles. Content creator WULFF DEN was able to make a direct comparison, especially on the two controllers from Sony and Microsoft. As we all know, the Japanese company has sponsored its DualSense in an impeccable way, defined by many as "a giant step in the world of modern gaming", but what it did not do, which even strangled the youtuber, is sponsoring input latency, which is done by the American company instead.

Dualsense Latency

For those not accustomed to the term, input latency means the time difference between pressing a key and the actual action in play. Microsoft had staked a lot on this, in February of this year Jason Ronald, director of program management at Xbox had stated that among the various features, Xbox Series X would also include Dynamic Latency Input. Well, during the test carried out by the youtuber, it seems that even Sony has worked in this sense without sponsoring it more than necessary.

At 4:46 of the video above, we can see how the Xbox Series controller X reports an average latency of 8.75 frames, while DualSense results in an average of 5.75. This is to all intents and purposes a difference to be taken into account and emphasized, given that to all intents and purposes the DualSense turns out to be a "device" that is not only revolutionary from a certain point of view but also impeccably made.

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