PS5: system update 20.02-2.26 available

PS5: system update 20.02-2.26 available
PS5 has been out for almost a week and, despite the enthusiasm of the fans, some consoles have accused several problems: from the problems of the rest mode to those related to downloads (we talked about it in this news), unfortunately the launch was also marked by bad news. All in all, Sony has released the system update 20.02-2.26; will solve the various problems reported by various users worldwide? Let's find out!

Unfortunately, the update does not come with any notes announcing what is going to fix (certainly some system bugs). After all, with the newly released console, users certainly couldn't expect a revolution in terms of the interface or functionality. For these massive updates you will have to wait some time, at least until the errors that marked the launch of the PlayStation 5 are fixed.

The update is available now. If you have problems installing it, we refer you to the official support site to download and install it via USB. We remind you to contact Sony support directly, via this link, in case specific problems arise and not to act manually so as not to compromise the warranty.

PS5 has finally arrived in the homes of the players! Therefore, we invite you to view our buying guide dedicated to the best titles to play at launch, listing titles for all tastes! For those still waiting to get their hands on the next-gen Sony branded, we invite you to view our PlayStation 5 technical review so that you can better prepare yourself when new stocks arrive. Amazon Italy, in fact, had replenished its stocks again, but they sold out within a few minutes.

Have you already installed the new system update? Have you noticed on your PlayStation 5 after installation? Let us know in the comments!

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