PS5, patch to day one very light

PS5, patch to day one very light
Now very little is missing to have PS5 in our hands, here you can find our review of the Sony console. While today we rejoice in the arrival of the next-gen from Microsoft, there are those who think about the patches that will arrive during the first start of the consoles. As for Playstation, it seems that we can be quite calm since the weight of the update may give you some surprises, which is actually welcome. You will not have to wait too long to start playing with the new console once it has been removed from the box.

The weight of the update seems to be very very negligible and is around the gig, as reported by the editors of gamesradar that being American is already ready to launch the console a week earlier than the rest of the countries. In fact, we remind you that unlike Mirosoft and its Series X | S, the PS5 will arrive in some markets on November 12th, while we will arrive on November 19th. A week of difference that will certainly bore all those players who will see internet flooded with content from the most anticipated games.

One of the most anticipated titles is definitely Demon's Souls, while Spider-Man Miles Morales we reviewed will also arrive on PS4 and so you can play it from tomorrow if not yet have you thought about buying a PS5. We also point out that the console is back visible on Amazon. This means that the e-commerce giant could put the console back online with new supplies. We advise you to keep the pages and keep an eye on everything.

You also learned that the console has left much of the overseas critics surprised by how much it really "smells" of next-gen. At this point we really can't wait to see all gamers playing with their next-gen console, regardless of whatever it is.

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