PS5, Jim Ryan talks about game price and triple A sustainability

PS5, Jim Ryan talks about game price and triple A sustainability
Coinciding with the launch of PS5, Jim Ryan spoke in an interview with the Russian site TASS about the price of games and sustainability of triple A productions.

After discussing Bethesda, exclusives and console war, and having revealed that PlayStation will respond to Xbox Game Pass in the future, the president of Sony Interactive Entertainment has spoken out on other issues of great importance.

Speaking of sustainability, a theme often linked to Xbox Game Pass and subscriptions of this guy, Ryan was asked what the situation is like for triple A productions, which many believe are now overpriced.

"We have shown with PS4 that the triple A gaming market has never been stronger "said the president of SIE. "I believe that advancing technology and the ability for these blockbusters to become even more realistic (...) could further increase their success."

"We will have better stories, a greater sense of involvement. I think in a diametrically opposite way, that is that the most prosperous period for this type of games, which we make and of which we are proud, is yet to come. "

The price increase is obviously linked to this theme. of the software in conjunction with the advent of PlayStation 5, even if Ryan has already expressed himself in this sense inviting everyone to consider the trend of the last few years.

"If you look at the price history of console games , you will realize that the increase is relatively modest, "he said. "It has been a long time since there has been a price increase and the tendency I have seen for certain publishers to offset costs (...) does not seem unreasonable to me."

"When we consider the price / duration ratio of experience for our sector in comparison to others, we realize that videogames are not expensive at all. "

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